Primary Objectives

Established to build upon the legacy of two successful paralympic games in London and Rio, the Invictus Games and other sporting events that have helped to inspire persons with physical, mental or health related inequalities to be physically active.  
The objectives of Lex Leisure are to deliver activities which benefit the community, and in particular to provide access to leisure, physical activities and sporting opportunities for persons with physical or mental disabilities, or those with health inequalities who are faced by difficulties that limit their ability to be active.   We place an emphasis on those persons who are registered or considered disabled, physically or mentally, on a permanent or temporary basis, or who have a need for rehabilitation and support, or persons who have conditions that limit their ability to take up normal exercise without guidance or bespoke care plans.  We also target those members of the community who are at risk of social exclusion, and engage with all of these user groups to adopt a more active lifestyle.  

While our primary objectives are to support these target groups, we do not endorse exclusions. Therefore all members of the community are welcomed and encouraged to adopt healthier and active lifestyles using the facilities that we manage